Saturday, April 11, 2009

Savory Roasted Potatoes for a Crowd

The highlight of our Easter feast is a butterflied leg of lamb that will be grilled outdoors - rain or shine. That leaves the oven free to roast potatoes for a crowd. This recipe originally appeared in Fine Cooking magazine. I have doubled all the ingredients so the recipe will feed 8 to 12 hungry adults. A caution - the potatoes look singularly unappealing when they're first coated. A not to worry - they'll emerge from the oven with a crisp and tangy crust. Be sure to use baking sheets that are well coated with oil or cooking spray and keep the potatoes in a single layer as they roast. While they are too tangy for fish, these potatoes are a wonderful accompaniment for any plain meat or poultry. I hope you'll give them a try.

Savory Roasted Potatoes

3/4 cup Dijon mustard
1/2 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons Chicken broth
2 tablespoons chopped garlic
2 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary
2 teaspoons kosher salt
1 teaspoon freshly cracked black pepper
4 pounds red-skinned or Yukon gold potatoes, cut in 1-inch dice

1) Heat the oven to 400 degrees F. In a large mixing bowl, whisk mustard, olive oil, chicken broth, garlic, rosemary, salt, and pepper until combined. Add the potatoes and toss to coat.
2) Dump potatoes onto two greased large rimmed baking sheet and spread them in a single layer. Roast, tossing with a spatula a few times, until potatoes are crusty on the outside and tender throughout, 50 to 55 min. Serve hot. Yield: 8 to 12 servings.


Hootin Anni said...

I haven't had roast lamb in ages!!!! That sounds so good. And these potatoes sound absolutely scrumptious.

I swear tho, if I'd make everything that looks/sounds delicious on your blog, a door wouldn't be large enough for me to get in and out.

Happy Saturday to you.

Heather S-G said...

Oh, these do look great! I love a good side of potatoes w/ my meat :) Did you just add the music? I don't think I've noticed it before...nice.

Martha said...

We're having roasted potatoes with out lamb tomorrow as well -- but yours sound so much better than what I usually do . . . hmmm!

Mary Bergfeld said...

Anni, enjoy your holiday. Thanks for your kind words.

girlchef, the music has always been here. I just changed its location.

Patsyk said...

I love roasting potatoes like this. They pair well with almost anything.

Susan C @ Open Mouth Insert Fork said...

The chicken broth and mustard are two additions I've never heard of or thought of. Sounds and looks delish.

Lisa said...

Sounds wonderful and is very close to the recipe I use! Your picture is great. It really reminds me of what a simple blessing potatoes can be.

Easter Blessings!

NKP said...

Sounds like a wonderful feast! The savoury roasted potatoes are calling my name. I would never have thought to use mustard - inspired!

Suzanne said...

Those potatoes look marvelous. I love the fact that you use fresh rosemary and how lovely that you've used a sprig in your photo! My husband manages a large herb operation.

Your photos are astoundingly beautiful.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Cathy said...

This is a terrific way to prepare potatoes for a crowd and is a perfect t serve with lamb. Sounds delicious Mary.

Happy holiday to you and your family.

Penny said...

Happy Easter Mary. Your potatoes look yummy.

Netts Nook said...

I have never seen this recipe it looks like a keeper thanks for sharing Mary.

Mary Bergfeld said...

Suzanne and Penny, welcome to One Perfect Bite. I hope you'll join us often.

Cathy, Easter blessings to you and your family.

The Cooking Photographer said...

Perfect time for this recipe. Thank-you!

Catherine said...

These look great - can I ask a stupid question - are the potatoes peeled first? Couldn't judge from the photo. I guess so. I love the recipe, will def. try it. I love roast spuds as we call them in Ireland! I have rosemary in a pot on the patio and will plant it out when it is hardened up a bit, also thyme. I have chives, oregano and parsley already in a herb bed for years, and basil on the windowsill. doesn't do well outdoors here.

Mary Bergfeld said...

Catherine, the potatoes in the photo have been peeled, but it is not necessary. I normally would leave the skins on. As it happened I had to use russet potatoes for the photo. The skin of the russet is not at all attractive. If I had had boiling potatoes in the house you'd have seen the potatoes skins and all.

Anna said...

I copied this one. We eat potatoes at least 3 times week.

Mary Bergfeld said...

Anna, I think you'll like this recipe. Thanks for stopping by.

Michele said...

Those potatoes look perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

These were wonderful. Lovely flavour. I will definitely be cooking this more often. Thanks for a great recipe.....Brenda.

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