Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Roasted Shrimp and Winter Vegetables

From the kitchen of One Perfect Bite...At this time of year I seek out recipes that are fast and easy to make. I found this this simple, but delicious, dish while paging through, a new to me, blog called Savour Fare. I really enjoyed this meal and I think you will too.  I simplified the recipe a bit by using pre-bagged florets and shrimp that were ready to be cooked. I also increased the cooking times slightly to insure the vegetables were done to our taste and I cut back, just a bit, on the amount of pepper used to make this nicely spiced dish. This is a terrific recipe to have in the hopper for the days that lead up to the holidays. It took about 10 minutes to put this meal together and it cooks in less than a half hour. I'm happy to share the recipe with you and I hope will give it a try.

Roasted Shrimp and Winter Vegetables...from the kitchen of One Perfect Bite inspired by the blog Savour Fare

1 pound broccoli florets
1 cauliflower florets
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil, divided use
1 teaspoon whole coriander seeds, coarsely crushed
1 teaspoon cumin seeds, coarsely crushed
1-1/2 teaspoons kosher salt, divided use
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 pound large shrimp, shelled and deveined
Zest and juice of 1 large lemon


1) Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Line a cookie sheet with foil.
2) In a large bowl, toss broccoli and cauliflower with 2 tablespoons oil, coriander, cumin, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1/2 teaspoon pepper.
3) Spread vegetables on a cookie sheet and roast for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, combine shrimp, remaining 2 tablespoons oil, lemon zest, remaining 1/2 teaspoon salt and remaining 1/2 teaspoon pepper in same bowl.
4) When vegetables have been roasting for 20 minutes, add shrimp and lemon juice and toss to combine. Continue roasting for 5 to 10 minutes longer, or until shrimp turn pink. Serve with lemon wedges or another squeeze of lemon juice. Yield: 3 to 4 servings.

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Tanna said...

Simple, healthy and sounds delicious!! Thank you for passing this one along! Hope you have a wonderful day, Mary. blessings ~ tanna

Kim said...

This looks like a healthy and tasty dish!

Judy@Savoring Today said...

This sounds really tasty as well as light and good for you with a wealth of vegetables. Thanks for the introduction to a new blog too!

Diane said...

This really sounds very yummy, bookmarked. Keep well Diane

Viviane said...

This looks good.

Sue/the view from great island said...

Time has gone so fast, I remember reading all about your Thanksgiving dinner components last year, You're so right about needing easy fill-in recipes this time of year, this look delicious.

Tricia @ Saving room for dessert said...

This sounds pretty great Mary. Fast, easy and delicious - I'm there!

KimH said...

Well.. This looked delightful and I was going to make it.. but I have a problem.. I rarely follow recipes and while I would have this one, M'honey doesnt like cumin and I doubt he likes coriander so I changed it up a bit. I used broc, caulif, garlic, red onion, & snow peas, and I covered them in olive oil with some miso & sesame and shoyu salad dressings, red pepper flakes & black pepper. Baked as directed, then added a bag of Schwans Garlic shrimp with a bag of plain shrimps & followed the directions as written. Ohhh MY! YUMMMM.. I cant wait for lunch tomorrow. :) Thanks for a great recipe and a great way to make this.

Aldy said...

Absolutely delightful, Mary! Hope you're having a great week :)

Hugs <3

David said...

Mary, That is just a beautiful dinner! Roasted shrimp and winter veggies...has my taste buds poppin! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

RSA Online said...

Mary your Roasted Shrimp and Winter Vegetables is truly delicious, thank you for sharing your recipes, I can try that too for my family.

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