Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Midweek Musings + Revisiting Australian Busters

From the kitchen of One Perfect Bite...As soon as we knew the fumes from the Deception Creek fire had dissipated, we left the coast and headed home, taking a circuitous route that took us along some back roads where time seems to have stopped. Many of the old farm houses have ramps leading to porches that creak as surely as the joints of the folks who still live in them, and their rabbit ear antennas break the monotony of the gray or dirty white their shingles have become. This is the country of old men. Here and there you will find a thriving farm tucked between properties that stand empty and are slowly succumbing to the damp that saturates neglected homesteads in the Pacific Northwest. These houses, with glassless windows and shards of fabric flowing outward through now empty panes, were once homes with starched curtains and polished knobs, and while I'm sure they have a story hidden beneath their eaves, there is neither chick nor child left to tell their tale. Death or desperation has left them empty and with no heirs, these small farms will become the property of the state who will let them stand until they list and fall. It is like closing a chapter on American history. The farms, which once trucked produce to markets, are no longer economically viable, and their day has passed as surely as the party line succumbed to the cell phone. Our time, too, will come, but I reverently hope that we will leave a trail of songs sung so brightly, that they will echo from the rafters of our homes before they fall.

Australian Busters

Busters are one of my favorite snack foods and now that football season is in full swing, I thought this would be a great time for them to make an encore performance on the blog. The recipe for the Busters, which are a cross between a cracker and a scone, can be found here.

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David said...

Mary, We've taken many photos of abandoned farm houses, especially up in the Dakotas. Sad...but time marches on. Love the recipe for the Australian Busters! Good cheese with quality butter is hard to beat... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

A Sunflower Life said...

It is so sad to see old farms come to an end. That's why I'm glad my sister moved to my family's farm to keep the tradition going. I can't wait to try these busters!

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