Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year and Rose Bowl Special - Smoked Salmon Pate

From the kitchen of One Perfect Bite...I slept later than is my habit this morning. Most of you are unaware that I am the reason the birds greet the sun every morning. I disturb their sleep, quite unintentionally mind you, as I ready myself and the coffee that will fuel the coming day. This morning was rough. We, the birds and I, awoke to a layer of hoar frost on any surface that had been exposed to the elements last night. We, now said only in the royal sense, despite the cold, had neighbors who needed airport transit to catch for the first flight to San Francisco. Our local team, known here as the Mighty Ducks, made it to the Rose Bowl and our town has come unwrapped. Those who can afford it, have traveled to the game, while those without wings frequent sport's bars or glue themselves to the largest television screen in the neighborhood. I can now identify the units in our development that have large screen TV's. At a mere 34 inches, we are pikers, but that also means I don't have to entertain today, and can get on with the critical chore of the day - shrink wrapping our indoor Christmas tree. The shrink wrap thing will be a story for another day, 'cause today is about football. I haven't divorced myself from the game mind you, but I have quite happily sent the Silver Fox down the lane, armed with tuna and smoked salmon pate, to bond with his new compadres, who insist they are not chip and dip people. Both these pates make great game day snacks, even for chip and dip people, and while I'll eventually share both of them with you, I wanted to start with the salmon pate because it is effortless to make. Here is how it's made.

Woo-Hoo - They Won!

Smoked Salmon Pate...from the kitchen of One Perfect Bite inspired by the Greedy Gourmet

1 pound sliced smoked salmon
2/3 to 1 cup heavy cream or creme fraiche
Zest of 1 large lemon
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
Salt and ground black pepper
Optional: dill sprigs for garnish


1) Place smoked salmon into a food processor and add 2/3 cup cream, lemon rind and lemon juice. Process the salmon in short bursts until it is just smooth. If mixture is too thick, thin with additional cream until it has the consistency of a spreadable pate. Add salt and ground black pepper to taste. Taste carefully. If mixture tastes oily add a bit more lemon juice.
2) If you are feeling fancy, line a large ramekin with plastic wrap and pack the pate into it. Chill for 30 minutes. Remove wrap from mold and invert on a small serving platter/dish. Peel back and discard wrap, surround pate with toasted baguette slices or crackers and serve, or, mound pate in center of a plate and serve with toasted baguette slices or crackers. Garnish with dill sprigs if desired. Yield: about 8 servings.

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Carol Z said...

Quite a win for the Mighty Ducks. Congratulations! I would like the salmon pate. One of the high points of an unusually yummy day was smoked salmon at brunch and the pate sounds fabulous.

Pondside said...

That sounds yummy, Mary. My parents-in-law never missed a Rose Bowl. I remember the year we lived in Oklahoma, and how delighted they were to have such a (relatively)short trip from our house at Christmas to the Rose Bowl celerations. Happy New Year!

Gloria Baker said...

Happy new year dear!

From the Kitchen said...

We watched bits and pieces of a few games yesterday.
I alternated watching with reading and dozing. The Duck's colorful closing woke me up!! I'm happy to have this easy pate on file.


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Mary, I am quite sure this recipe was a big hit with the Silver Fox's new compadres. ;) I'll be looking forward to hearing more about the shrink-wrapping trick. blessings ~ tanna
ps thank you for your encouraging words.

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