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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Covered Bridges of Lane County Oregon

Galen Fry Singer

Centennial Covered Bridge

Galen Fry Singer

Currin Covered Bridge

Galen Fry Singer

Dorena Covered Bridge

Galen Fry Singer

Earnest Covered Bridge

Galen Fry Singer

Good Pasture Covered Bridge

Galen Fry Singer

Lowell Covered Bridge

Galen Fry Singer

Office Covered Bridge

Galen Fry Singer

Wendling Covered Bridge


Allie and Pattie said...

Aren't they pretty! I've always thought Oregon is such a beautiful state from every picture I've ever seen from there
xoxo Pattie

Susan said...

Beautiful and well kept part of Americana. Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures with us Mary! The covered bridges are so pretty.

Kamalika said...

Dear Mary the snaps are grt....I have visited oregon once and fall in love with place....the natural beauty of the state is worth seeing...Thanks for sharing.....

Joy said...

These are so beautiful ~ but I had to go a googling to find out.... why?
Ah, I see!

D said...

I have never been to Oregon, but it sure has a lot of covered bridges,which I love. I did get to go to Iowa to see the bridges of Madison County. :)


Bridgett said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. I remember traveling around Oregon one summer when I was young and just loving it.

Pondside said...

One of my favorite summer jaunts is down to Oregon - this summer I'll have to make a point of searching out some of those bridges.

Joanne said...

So pretty! I don't think I've ever even seen a covered bridge before!

sanjeet said...

Beautiful and well kept part of Americana. Thanks for sharing.
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Wobegon Cottage said...

I never relized Oregon had that many covered bridges. I lived in Washington State most of my life but am now living in the mid-west and I would like to do a trip finding covered if I can convince my husband.:)Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Di said...

Great series of photos Mary. I always love the one on hwy 58 near Lowell. Thank you for sharing those with us.

PeggyR said...

Those almost look like the covered bridges we have out in Ashtabula County! We took a tour of them several years ago. Great pictures.

♥ Kathy said...

Those are so pretty! I love looking at bridges...I don't so much love being on bridges :)

Jamie said...

I have always been fascinated by covered bridges. They are so all-American and there is also something, I find, very mysterious and romantic about them. Gorgeous photographs.

Pinecone Camp said...

I love these bridges! I can't recall seeing any covered bridges on my travels through British Columbia, but I think we could use a few ;) Very lovely pictures.

Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial said...

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, or I'd never have seen this wonderful post! Thanks for sharing, Mary, I've never seen anything like this! Celia

Couscous & Consciousness said...

Mary, thanks for stopping by my blog and answering my questions about these bridges. For some reason I feel really drawn to them and fascinated. There seems to be something rather ethereal and lovely, but at the same time sad, about them. Can't really put into words exactly what it is that they evoke for me. But something about them also seems very familiar even though they are not - who knows? maybe some kind of "past life" thing :-) Whichever way you look at it they are lovely, and I'm glad that they are being protected.

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