Saturday, October 13, 2012

Heading Up River - What Did You Have for Dinner?

Cuyes - Guinnea Pig

Dining with Friends

The Evening's Entertainment

Alpaca Steak

Papa Huancayina - Potatoes in Cheese Sauce

We begin our trip up the Amazon tomorrow morning. I´ll be without an internet connection for the next 7 days. I´m already showing signs of withdrawal and it is not a pretty sight. I thought I´d leave you with a few photos of the food we have been eating. Both the Silver Fox and I have had guinnea pig. It´s a once in a lifetime chance to eat something I can genuinely say I´ll never prepare at home. The taste is not bad but the presentation leaves much to be desired. The whole pig, and I mean the whole pig, is served on a plate. None but the brave or sightless need apply. Peru is fascinating on many levels. I know you would love it.


What's Baking?? said...

Interesting food but I'll pass on the guinea

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Mary, I am so excited for the two of you being on such an amazing trip. Thank you for posting your pictures, minus the pig ... my young friend has two as pets I had looked after a couple of months ago. Ha ! Look forward to your next post.

safire said...

Enjoy your trip! I've never had guinea pig and I don't know if I would. In Taiwan, they eat this field rodent in the south that I've only heard stories of. I'm scared of rodents so I stay clear of them.

I try not to judge other people for what they eat though because I know I eat things that make people go, "ehhhh..." :)

From the Kitchen said...

The whole guinea pig? It must have been a bit like eating little Johnny's pet!! I admire you for digging in.
What a fine group of people you have around to feed and entertain you. Enjoy!



Enjoy each moment, Mary.

David said...

Mary, You and the Silver Fox are certainly on a trip of a lifetime! One of my friends and his daughter visited Peru and she ate a 'pig' but he couldn't bring himself to follow suite! Thanks for the interesting food photo tour... Take Care and Travel Safely, Big Daddy Dave

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

The guinea pig presentation certainly looks like it isn't for the fainthearted!
As a small animal veterinarian who has had them as I could not eat them.

Pondside said...

I loved Peru and I'm glad to see that you are too! Like you, I had Guinea Pig and on another occasion I had Alpaca. I won't be trying to source either from here!

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