Thursday, April 11, 2013

National Soyfoods Month

This sponsorship is brought to you by the Soyfoods Association who we have partnered with for this promotion.

April is National Soyfoods Month so it’s a great time to learn more more about soyfoods and how they can be incorporated into everyday meals and snacks. You'll find that protein and fiber packed soyfoods will help you maintain a healthy weight by reducing the fat grams and calories that are found in your daily diet.

The Soyfoods Association of North America (SANA) is the group that distributes information about the health benefits and nutritional advantages of soy food products. They develop recipes and tips that make it easy to incorporate soy into your daily meals and snacks. 

Soy products, once relegated to vegetarian diets and food preparation, have come of age and are now enjoyed by a much larger community. Dishes made with soy are recognized to be healthier and just as easy to make as more conventional protein sources.

If you are interested in easy ideas that will help make your life healthier, you can start the day with a breakfast smoothie that is made with berries and creamy WESTSOY Soymilk. You can find the recipe, here.

If you need a snack to tide you over to your next meal, you might want to try a gluten free SOYJOY bar or a small package of  Honey Roasted Soy Nuts.  The soy nuts are really delicious and could become addictive. 

When mealtime rolls around  the SANA website has some wonderful recipes that will help you make healthier meals. I've  been experimenting with using soy milk in some of my recipes and the Scalloped Potatoes you see below came from a recipe on their site. I know you will enjoy them. The recipe can be found here.

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                       Scalloped Potatoes - Recipe

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Ginny said...

The scalloped potatoes look great! Phil only uses soy milk on his cereal every morning.

dari dapur nasya said...

hi my dear Mary.....
tq very much for ur comment, i already change my google translator....hopefully our friendship will never end.....luv Nasya ^_^

Jenn said...

I love soy nuts! And I'll definitely be trying the scalloped potatoes!!

Tricia Buice said...

I love edamame and could add it to Quinoa every time we have it. Thanks for all the good information each and every day!

Blue Shed Thinking said...

If you know about health, and especially about the environment, you'd avoid soy.

Don't take the GM poison dollar - use organic dairy and other REAL foods.

Ashley said...

I used to not like soy nuts but love them now! The scalloped potatoes are calling out my name!

A Paix√£o da Isa said...

wuau wuau mas que maravilha humm bjs

JG said...

I use/cook with Soy Milk every day. Amazing how well it adapts to most of my recipes. Yogurt & puddings - I still use low fat milk. I enjoyed reading this post, Mary.

Sugar et al said...

That was very informative. I would love to try out a smoothie with Soy milk. And the scalloped potatoes look divine!

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