Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Waist Watchers Special - Apple and Sweet Potato Soup

From the kitchen of One Perfect Bite...This quick and easy soup is simple to make and has the added advantage of being filling, while remaining figure friendly. It is thick and creamy, and because no dairy products are used in its preparation, the recipe may be of interest to those of you are interested in vegan soups. It has gorgeous color and the apples and maple syrup enhance the inherent sweetness of the potatoes, making it a soup that will have special appeal to most young children. The soup can be table ready in 30 minutes, but, whenever possible, I make this the day before I plan to serve it. It's a bit like an engagement. The flavors need time to court and the soup will be at its best if it sits for a day before it's ladled into bowls. This is a thick soup that you will probably want to thin before serving. I also like to add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to the pot as it reheats. The vinegar helps balance the inherent sweetness of the soup. This recipe originally appeared in Family Circle magazine and according to their calculations the soup clocks in at 221 calories per serving. That makes it perfect for a soup and salad lunch. Here is how this unusual soup is made.

Apple and Sweet Potato Soup...from the kitchen of One Perfect Bite courtesy of Family Circle magazine


1 tablespoon olive oil
1 cup diced onion
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1-1/2 pounds sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into 2-inch chunks
3/4 pound Idaho potatoes, peeled and cut into 2-inch chunks
2 Gala apples, peeled, cored and cut into 2-inch chunks
2 cups chicken broth
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
Optional: Apple chips, for garnish


1) Heat oil in a large, lidded pot over medium heat. Add onion and cook 4 minutes. Add garlic; cook 1 minute. Stir in sweet potatoes, Idaho potatoes, apples, chicken broth and 1 cup water. Cover and bring to a simmer. Cook 20 minutes.
2) Blend soup in batches until smooth. Return to heat. Stir in maple syrup, salt and pepper. Serve with apple chips if desired. Yield: 6 servings.

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Ginny said...

It looks beautiful!

Rhodesia said...

I stocked up on sweet potatoes yesterday and have plenty of apples so thanks for this, I have already printed it off. Hope all is well with you. Diane

Claudia said...

I have been on a spartan diet of lean protein and vegetables for months. I need a few potatoes and maple syrup to mix it up and put some flavor in my life. Just delicious!

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