Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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Aging Women

Someone, somewhere floated the idea that aging women will do anything to remain young. It was probably a man working in the fashion or cosmetic trade and his message resounded with such clarity that it became an obsession for those wishing to remain forever young. Not all women, however, accepted the idea, and having read Faust or Dorian Gray, understood that aging was a natural process, and those who treat it as a disease will be disappointed, if not damned. These gals know all things have their season, and they wear their wrinkles and gray hair with pride, considering them to be the battle scars of a well-lived life. Unfortunately, we live in a society that plays on insecurities and magnifies imperfections, and for those not happy with themselves, it is easy to equate being old with being unacceptable. They are unable to see the strength, character and beauty in the faces and bodies of those molded by a lifetime of experience. I came across some thoughts about aging women today. They were written by Kumar Vishwas, an Indian poet and politician and I wanted to share them with you tonight.

"Have we lost touch of the beauty of an aging woman? She is powerful beyond measure; she has an essence about her that screams strength, wisdom and knowledge. She is a role model, she has many stories to tell. She shines where she stands. She is outrageous, she is wild, but most importantly she is free of the demands that society puts on her. She is confident; she believes in herself, she lives her life by her own set of rules. She finally becomes comfortable and settles into her life, she gets this time to experience things that she felt that she never could before because now the rules have changed. Her life is written on the lines on her face, the grey in her hair, and the age on her hands, and the shape of her body changes but it doesn't mean that it cannot be loved. Why do we not look up to these women? We can learn from them and be inspired by them, and understand that age only strengthens beauty. It’s time to praise these women for what they have been through; they have survived life, for they are the brightest shining lights leaving their mark, with grace, charm and elegance. So here’s to the older woman, may she continue to shine". With Joyous Abundance - Vishwas

Photo courtesy of David Otness

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Caramella said...

It's a very interesting post.

From the Kitchen said...

Well said!!


Anonymous said...

I am 67 not 27 for goodness sakes..I think an aging woman is beautiful inside and out, she has lived and learned and can teach many lots of love and peace and joy..The rush to make money and to just live has taken away a lot from women in general, heart attacks and strokes killing them, breast cancer and ovarian cancer ravaging their time to just stop and listen and be still..Oh, my goodness sakes alive..My only member of my mother's family alive is nearly 100 she has meditated and chanted and was a Buddhist for about 40 years now, it changed her a lot..she used to smoke like a smokestack and she was angry over the favoritism visited by her mother my grandmother, that is all gone now..she is still a pistol, many in my family think they can cozy up to her for an inheritance, think again, it all goes to the Buddhist and the poor..She helps me with her wisdom I see my mothers eyes in her eyes and hear my grandmother (her Mother) in her voice, she is wise and wonderful..I only want to spend time with her and know of the people I came from, since my Mom passed very young and I was young I did not get to know a lot of information about my family, she has helped me out in life, she has listened and heard and helped me and healed me from the abuse we all suffered after my mothers untimely death, yes she has, I don't understand why this culture in the USA is obsessed with the outside beauty of a woman it is not that way in other culture!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, how I wish you could have been at the table with me and three of my friends yesterday. We had this discussion... or rather more about our own struggles with the aging process... sometimes not as graceful as one might have hoped. I told them I think there is far more angst involved in this phase than in our teenage years, or motherhood years... We were always climbing higher, reaching further, growing stronger... where do we go from here? We have seen the top of the mountain. I'm searching for a new way to see this space... this passage... A way to feel peaceful and satisfied with it. Thank you for these words, Mary. They help shine a more positive light on things. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

Anonymous said...

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