Fish and Shellfish


Baked Herbed Shrimp 
Cajun Shrimp Etouffee
Chili Los Mariscos
Gold Beach Winter Chowder
Maine Shrimp Chowder
Pasta with Shrimp and Cilantro Pesto
Peruvian Salt Roasted Shrimp with Pimenton Aioli
Scandinavian Shrimp Salad
Shrimp and Cheesy Grits 
Shrimp and Grapefruit Cocktail
Shrimp and Rice Salad with Cucumbers 
Shrimp Cakes with Sweet and Sour Tomato Sauce
Shrimp Creole
Shrimp Enchiladas Verde
Shrimp Omelet from The Pearl River Delta
Shrimp n' Noodle Bowls
Shrimp Rissoto
Spiced and Pickled Shrimp
Spice Steamed Shrimp
Stir-Fried Shrimp with Black Beans and Bok Choy
Sizzling Rice with Shrimp
Warm or Cold Shrimp Rolls

Moules Mariniere
Mussels Fra Diavola

Clam Fritters
Hot Clam Dip
Manhattan Clam Chowder
New England Clam Chowder 

Scallops Provencal
Scallop Saute with Miso Sauce
Braised Vietnamese Fish - Ca Kho To
Broiled Salmon with Lime and Cilantro
Fast and Fabulous Fresh Salmon Croquettes
Fresh Salmon and Leek Soup
Fresh Salmon Quiche and Creme Fraiche 
Fresh Salmon Salad
Salmon Cakes
Salmon Chowder
Smoked Salmon Quesadillas
Slow Roasted Salmon
Smoked Salmon Frittata
Thai Fish Cakes with Cucumber Relish
Thai-Style Steamed Salmon with Tamarind Ginger Sauce
Wasabi Glazed Salmon

Baked Cod Oreganta
Corn and Cod Chowder 
Cotriade - A Fish Stew from Brittany
Crispy Fish Sticks with Coleslaw and Sweet Chili Sauce
Fresh Cod and Potato Cakes
Parmesan Baked Fish Filets + Tartatr Sauce
Salt Cod and Tomato Stew
The Good Woman's Cod Fish Casserole

Thai-Style Catfish - Plah Toht Kamin

Asian-Style Sea Bass with Ponzu Sauce

Cullen Skink - Smoked Fish Soup

Fish Soups and Chowders
Bouillabaisse la Marseillaise
Cotriade - A Fish Stew from Brittany
Fresh Salmon and Leek Soup
Corn and Cod Chowder
Maine Shrimp Chowder
Gold Beach Winter Chowder

Mixed Fish Casseroles and Pies
Dingle Fish Pie

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